3 Reasons To Drop Everything and Thank God Right Now

Even In The Darkest Times, There’s Always a Reason to Praise God

Before you get too caught up in the holiday sales or the heated political debates with family around the dinner table, pause and reflect on all that God has done in your life. God deserves all the honor, glory and praise. Your mood or your circumstance makes no difference. Here’s a few reasons why you should drop everything and thank Him right now.

Reason #1 – It’s The Season of Thanks

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

This is the season of thanks AKA Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving dinner is just days away. DAYS people! I know. I know. It’s also the season of freezing cold temperatures and rushed deadlines. Apparently it’s also the season of sheer and utter darkness at 12 noon (Thanks Daylights Savings Time!!). BUT put that out of your mind for a moment and just picture that dinner spread before you..

Here’s some soothing music to help you in this moment of reflection.

Okay so, maybe your family doesn’t get together and go all out for this holiday. Maybe you don’t have a big party to look forward to. That’s okay! This is also the season of reflection. Look back over the past year and pick out all of the feel-good moments you had. Certainly there’s something in your life to be grateful for. Which brings me to the second point for praise…

Reason #2 – God Loves You

May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.
Ephesians 3:18

God loves you friend. God is so in love with you that He created the Sun and stars in the sky just so you could see the path in front of you. Do you think that’s too broad, because that’s something God did for everyone, not just you. Well if you look closely, you can see God’s love and favor in your everyday life. Did you get a promotion at work? Praise God! Did that thing you were praying for forever finally happen? Praise God! Or maybe God is busy working in the background. Did you get to your destination without a delay or dent in your car? Praise God! Did the stomach bug that’s going around pass you by? Praise God! That is the mark of God’s love on your life. A life you wouldn’t have without Him. Yet another reason to praise God.

Reason #3 – You Made It

Like I mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving is days away. Which means Christmas is right around the corner. Basically it’s already 2019. I’m calling it. That means you made it. You survived 2018!

I hope 2018 has been day after day of blessings and favor from God. I hope you wake up everyday feeling like Beyoncé and Jay-Z dancing in the world’s most exclusive museum, celebrating your achievements. But maybe this year hasn’t been great for you..that’s okay. Maybe it wasn’t all sunshine, rainbows and breakthroughs. Maybe 2018 was really hard and has left you feeling beat down and disappointed.

Can I open your eyes to a simply beautiful thing you may have missed? You’re here. You.  Are. Here. The enemy tried to take you out. Tried to shake you, break you, sift you like wheat. Guess what? He lost. By the grace of God you are still. here. You made it. Thank God.
Praise Break!


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