“I Thank You”

Dear Lord
I thank you
For today
I thank you for
All the times I was saved
All the times
My life looked like a grave
But you poured down
In waves
Of oil
Lord every breath I take
Is the soil of my existence
This is me
Doing more than repenting
Lord this is me
Asking for forgiveness
Cause you know
What I’ve been through
You know
All the stuff I misuse
Yeah I got a lot of issues
But you have endless love
You alone are the one
Who when push comes to shove
You tell me to stay in that fire
Cause I’m about to learn
something dire
You’re about to unwire
The reason I woke up
And the reason I continue
To grow up
Is because you do nothing
But show love
So I thank you Lord
I thank you
I thank you
I thank you

Elias Clark | Believer in Christ, husband, friend and fan of anime.

P.S. Here are some tips on having faith when you don’t feel it.


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